Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Please update our contact details for Ian Stirling Objectives reached and remove the old details below.

Contact details 2018

Old address 61 63 Riverside Road, Norwich NR11SR or even Sackville Place Norwich NR3 1JU and old phone number which will cease shortly.  I am doing a new business description as we are now more focused on Business Management.

Objectives Reached 28 Norwich Road, Hethersett, Norwich NR9 3DD 07879 402887

Ian Stirling of Objectives Reached Norwich is a contract business manager, either short-term, to plan and implement projects or on a long-term basis, normally on a part-time basis. Based in Norwich and handles most assignments remotely with regular site visits.  Ian’s background is in Hospitality, Travel, Leisure and Not for Profit.  Ian has owns and run businesses for many years.  He is Business Manager for the British Association of Construction Heads and Director of Everything Leisure Ltd. 

Monday, 14 May 2012

May 2012 Earn extra money

This is really us starting to test this blog but the opportunities are real.  If Interested please email

We have 1 more Roller Skating franchise are without the £8,900 set up fee.  Stock and equipment circa £4,000.  Will include evening and weekend working, can be full or part time.  Good earning and full training given

We have a franchise that requires part-time people to help gain National Coverage.  Up to you if you get involved in selling, we are paying £200 a day for providing the service.  Only work and be paid when there is work in your area.  If you help with the selling it is possible to turn this into a part or full time franchise.  Manchester, Liverpool and most of the Northwest (not Cumbria) and Norfolk taken.  Suffolk under offer.  

Teaching young children reading, maths and life skills.  People wanted in all areas of the county.  Run classes for up to 6 children, 1 hour a week for 6 weeks,  Very flexible.  England only, but Master Franchises for Scotland, Wales, IOM and CI.  Also overseas for English speaking children 

Interested in any of these opportunities, please contact Ian Stirling Objectives Reached 01603920227, 07879402887 or email mentioning this blog.

Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Business Start up events in Norfolk

If you sell your services to start up businesses or sell/resell franchisees, please send us your contact details. In May 2011 we will have a number of events including a Business to Business exhibition, seminars and a franchise show.

The venues will be in Norwich, Ipswich and Great Yarmouth.

2011 will be a year of opportunity as well as a year that will cause many great concern.

Thursday, 10 January 2008

Help each other to promote our businesses

Our Business 2 Business Exhibition is a networking event. It is important that everyone make the correct impression. Some people may not be interested in your service, however, take the time to be polite. Ask if they know of anyone else that might interested in your service.

Remember it is not just the business you do on the day, but the contacts you make. I seldom generate business on the day and equally I normally do business with some people I have met, even if it is months down the line.

Do have something to hand out with your name and contact details. If you have suppliers ask them how they can help you. Joint leaflets which they pay for, free samples or banner stands.

Please do add comments here as it could turn into a useful resource.


Friday, 7 December 2007

Thinking about Networks

I attend 2 or 3 Breakfast meetings a week, many of them draw 30 plus business people. I also attend one Evening networking event and an occasionally a Lunch gathering.

I notice a difference between those before and after work to those at lunchtime.

At lunchtime you have more employed people from larger companies on an average. They are often better prepared. Is this because they have time to plan and print updated leaflets. If people have a shop or reception to man then the working day may not an option.

Do you share this view? If you go to these events do you think 'forced' referral are of a good standard?

I am surprised how few people I see from Local Authorities and 'Not for Profit' Business Support Organisations. Norwich has an excellent Business Library at The Forum but do people know about it? Occasionally an organisation will turn up at a networking event, however, they do not come monthly to build their relationships. Business knows one visit is not enough. I wonder if Local Authorities who spend £1,000s sending out questionnaires and carrying out research ever think that they would have a better understand if they spoke to the public? If they do speak to the public it is often at event they organise which are not a true cross section.

I wonder if an employee asked the council for £250 a year to join networking group what the reaction would be, although it might be a fraction of the cost of other means. Do Council's join Online (paid and free) networks?

Comments or details to or 01603 812296

Happy networking


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Friday, 30 November 2007

Unique £20 B2B Exhibition stands

How can a small start-up business selling to other businesses afford £250 to £400 one stand?


Why should Business Support Organisations make money out of helping their paid up Members promote their business?

I have an idea, with sponsors we should be able to offer 1M stands to a small business from £20. Simple and fair so sound good to me read below and let me have your thoughts.

You pay £10 for each year you have been trading and £10 for each employee you have. See the examples below. The maximum you pay for the number of years in business is £50 and the same amount for the number of staff, therefore the maximum cost is £100.

Trading less than 2 years £20 and working on your own Total due £30

Two people in partnership £20 and trading 3 years £30 Total due £50

One person with 3 staff £40 and trading 8 years £50 Total due £90

Each 1meter stand consists of a display space of up to 1meter. Some stands are available with a display board for an extra cost of £10. Free of charge you may have use of half of a trestle table with cloth cover and chairs, or you can bring your own table. Double stands are available at double the price, but please only one company per stand.

There are a limited 2M stands for larger businesses for £250 including acknowledgment as Sponsor.

Limited 2 M stands for larger businesses £250 including acknowledgment as Sponsor.

How does that sound to you, any suggestions for improvment?

First Exhibition Tuesday 22 January 2008 The Forum, Norwich, Norfolk UK

Where should the second be held?

Comments Details or 01603 812296